Our cats are our family members. They assist on every work and activity we do. They have a free access to all rooms and bedrooms in our big house.

On the other hand, we respect our coonies to be a real beast. We know they need a lot of space for their games and night activities. We assume that the healthy space for a cat is at least 12 square metres. In our house there is 250m for 4 people, 1 little dog and 9 adult maine coons. There is a safe balcony and outside catrun available for our maine coons every day.

Take into account, that for the cat´s psychological well-being it is not good to enclose the cat in small space without the access of free air. Cats love clean surroundings. Don´t let your cat suffer and clean it´s toilet every day.

Don´t buy your kitten from a cattery, that is placed in a spot you wouldn´t like to live yourself.

We are giving our kittens the best care we can. The price of our babies reflexes the financial demands on breeding one Oldcoon litter.

Please, don´t choose your kitten just according to it price. Think twice, before you pay much more for your vet and medications when choosing your kitten in a wrong cattery.