We breed only maine coon kittens with pedigree. We don´t sale our kittens to commercial catteries or  big private catteries producing too many kittens per a year. We don´t sale to petshops and other petsales companies. Just understand that Old Coon´s kittens are not merchandise to be sale:)))

Our kittens leaves our home at the age of 16 weeks. They are full vaccinated against panleukopenia, calicivirosis, rhinotracheitis,chlamydia, FeLV and rabbies. They are three times dewormed before being vaccinated. All our breeding cats are HCM gentested. The original of parents HCM gentest are available on demand, the copies of them will go with EU passport, pedigree and transfer of each kitten selling with breeding rights.

Our kittens will be sold according the conditions written in our sales agreement. Kittens sold with breeding and show rights will leave our cattery with the EU pasport, original FIFE pedigree and transfer.

Kittens that are sold to pet loving homes are neutered.

Old Coon´s kittens grow up as our beloved family members. They are used to a daily contact with human beings and a little dog. They know how to use cat toilet and cat scrapers. They are used to be brushed, cleaned and their claws to be cut.