Oldcoon kittens eat dry food (Royal canin, Orijen, Purizone), rare chicken and beef, kitten canned food, cottage cheese. They love multivitamines pastes Gimpet and Calopet.

We don´t offer a cowmilk to our kittens and cats!

We traine our kittens to everyday touching of our hands. We comb their fur, brush them, clean them and pet them intensively.

Kittens sold with show and breeding rights are used to the show pose.

Before the kitten enters your home, don´t forget to buy:

-        kitten food

-        cat toilet and litter

-        one bowl for the food and one big bowl for the fresh water

-        cat toys

-        cat scraper

-        safe transport box

-        your spare time for petting your kitten

We highly recomend:

To make your home cat safe!

-        Use safety net on your balcony and windows.

-        Don´t let the window open without the protective barrier.

-        Beware of electric cables.

-        Beware of glass that could be broken.

If any other animals are living in your home, don´t forget that putting them together with your new kitten baby will cost you some time and patiency.